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Pluto Pluck

The Good Thing

“Anything other than gospel music was a sin,” Rudolph “Pluto Pluck” Richards said of his formative years on Haggly Park Road near Half Way Tree in Kingston, Jamaica. Despite his strict Christian upbringing, the wafts of music and smoke pouring in from neighborhood dancehall parties were too great an allure. By the time he was a young man, his head was swirling with “girls, parties, fun stuff,” Richards recalled. Taking inspiration from times spent in the presence of local celebrity Bob Marley— who would often greet him with a “wah happen yout” (“how you doing, kid?“)—Richards crafted “The Good Thing” in 1981. Issued under the name Pluto Pluck on Wesley Wint’s Prospect Heights, Brooklyn-based PLD concern, “The Good Thing” is a dreamy and addictive reggae expression of romance and youthful discovery.

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  1. Pluto Pluck The Good Thing