Album cover

Private Beach

At the longitude of exotica and latitude of rock n’ roll, an atoll known as surf music appeared briefly on the horizon. The largely-instrumental genre has resurfaced many times in the ensuing 60 years, often led by Dick Dale’s boardwalk-friendly guitar runs. But what of the landlocked quartets operating in the undertow? Private Beach uncovers a secret chest of surf treasures, many previously unreleased and hiding out in the Numero cove.

Track List

  1. Moon Dawg Johnny & The Shy Guys
  2. The Expresso's Teenage Express
  3. The Tikis Rick-O-Shay
  4. Bailey's Nervous Kats Devil's Run
  5. The Centuries Surf Breaker
  6. Gems Hernando's Hideaway
  7. The Wanderer's Rest Agripine III
  8. The Tornados 7-0-7
  9. The Stage-Men Fall Out
  10. The Continentals Tic Toc
  11. The Nocturnes Cyclone
  12. Teentones Sands of Arabia
  13. Citations Moon Race
  • Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights
    Technicolor Paradise
  • Call Me Old Fashioned
  • Jungle Juice