Album cover

Richard Goldman

Sweethearts Deluxe

“At the time, it was the coolest place on Earth,” Richard Goldman said of the Monday night open mics at Doug Weston’s Troubadour tavern in the early ’70s. “You would show up around 10AM and at five they would pick the first ten people in line.” An aspiring songwriter, Goldman showed up weekly to showcase his witty, Cosmic American-inspired originals. That stage led to a series of recording sessions at Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Sound, spawning an eleven-song demo tracked between 1971-73 and featuring members of Linda Ronstadt’s backing band as well as Funkadelic bandleader, George Clinton on “Sweethearts.”

Years later the eleven songs mysteriously surfaced as Sweethearts through the shady distribution network known as Album World. Coincidentally, six more of his demos appeared on a separate tax-scam record under the name Almost Famous, completely devoid of any credit to Goldman. The songs that appear on Almost Famous eschew Goldman’s affinity for Cosmic Americana and steer more towards mid-’70s pop a la Emitt Rhodes and Todd Rundgren. Sweethearts Deluxe compiles all 17 of these demos, all rich with Goldman’s unique personality as well as that distinct Laurel Canyon sound.

Track List

  1. Richard Goldman Don't Cry Christine
  2. Richard Goldman Saturday Nighttime
  3. Richard Goldman All Dressed Up to Go
  4. Richard Goldman Memory Lane
  5. Richard Goldman Sweethearts
  6. Richard Goldman Natasha
  7. Richard Goldman 004-Dog
  8. Richard Goldman Everyone Was Dancing With You
  9. Richard Goldman Blow Windy Blow
  10. Richard Goldman Virgin Girl
  11. Richard Goldman Don't Spoil It Now
  12. Richard Goldman Sinatra's Car
  13. Richard Goldman Dancer
  14. Richard Goldman Change It All
  15. Richard Goldman Mary Grady
  16. Richard Goldman Rock N' Roll Runaway
  17. Richard Goldman Hollywood Wax Museum