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Peter Barclay

Second Class Citizen

Welcome to the world of Peter Barclay, a fantasy realm where the good guys win and the whole world finds out what the community already knows—of the shamanic center point, the one with the most style, the most talent, the local magician. The diminutive Peter Barclay was that figure in early ’90s Oakland. This largely self-taught musical genius recorded at home, scraped together whatever resources and produced two barely-released albums; 1990’s dreamlike Acceptance and 1992’s synth pop statement album What Kind Of World, winning over everyone who heard the work. But Barclay’s fame outside the circle was not to be, and he passed away far too young. “Second Class Citizen” is an instant replay, the perfect introduction to this treasured artist, and drives home the theme of eternal pride and defiance in the face of a world turning ever more homogenized, compromised, oppressive, and corny. This is queer music at its finest; this is Peter Barclay.

Track List

  1. Peter Barclay Second Class Citizen