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Seizing A Bufonite

Rex’s “Leak Through” b/w “Pour Down,” released on Bubble Core Records in 1996, is an exercise in restraint, buttressed only by skeletal percussion and a whispering bassline. In true Rex fashion, “Leak Through” opens with shimmering guitars and a shaker adrift. Cue the bass, nearly inaudible, and the drums, which enter like the solemn accompaniment to a martial song. The track reaches its apex with ghostly backing vocals and jittery snare rolls, only to dwindle into a guitar-and-shaker outro.

If “Leak Through” is the result of a meticulous arrangement, then “Pour Down” is its extemporaneous cousin, with meandering guitar lines and unconventional drum patterns reminiscent of a jam. It’s comparatively uptempo and experimental, but no less virtuosic. 

Track List

  1. Rex Leak Through
  2. Rex Pour Down