Album cover

Slap & Powell


In the summer of 1988, keyboard wizard Robert Slap approached his guitarist friend Steve Powell about creating a calling card for a career in scoring film and TV. Because it seemed at the time that everyone was using Roland equipment, the duo opted for Korg, Ensoniq, and Yamaha. This 18-month, nights and weekends project would become their one album collaboration Drive. “This was the era of ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘To Live And Die In LA,’ Slap said. ‘The sound was slick and sexual.’ The album led to work for the Leeza Gibbons show and the Playboy Channel, amongst others. Powell passed on in 2004, and Slap still works in music from a farm in rural Indiana. “Although I was disappointed we didn’t have a commercial hit with the album, listening now brings a smile to my face and reminds me of a magical place called Hollywood,” Slap reflected.

Track List

  1. Slap & Powell Sex Drive
  2. Slap & Powell Congo
  3. Slap & Powell Montego Moonlight
  4. Slap & Powell Safari
  5. Slap & Powell Kingston
  6. Slap & Powell Drive
  7. Slap & Powell Rio
  8. Slap & Powell PCH
  9. Slap & Powell Wes' Coast
  10. Slap & Powell Tangier
  11. Slap & Powell Sex Drive (Reprise)