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Soft Summer Breeze

Corby’s Living Sound

A half-generation too old to go the way of full-on love beads, kaftans, and impulsive LSD trips, the trio of Doug Cox, Denny Hardesty, and Steve Waltner nevertheless cut a swathe of sterling-quality soft-psych, sunshine pop, and garage over the back half of the 1960s. Southern California-based Corby Records took an incredibly hands-on approach, shepherding young talent with their immense songwriting and engineering skills and near-psychic musical connection. Soft Summer Breezes: Corby’s Living Sound is the first overview of a vital studio and three lifelong friends, capturing in 15 songs an overflowing pool of creativity, talent, dedication, and ideas surging in the greater Los Angeles area during the flower power era.

Track List

  1. Lenny Roybal Little Daisy
  2. Bob Belche Fall On Me Rain
  3. Alice Saturday Meeting
  4. J.C. Horton Why, Why, Why
  5. The Giant Crab Soft Summer Breezes
  6. Leafy Wilson L.A. Is My Towne
  7. The Morning Sun Someday
  8. Steve Waltner Can't Make It Without You
  9. Ronnie McFarlin Too Sweet To Be Forgotten
  10. The Giant Crab The Answer Is No
  11. The Midnight Snack Mister Time
  12. Bedpost Oracle Love Isn't Dead
  13. Alice As The Sun Sets To Dawn
  14. Leafy Wilson Did He Mention My Name
  15. Ralph Geddes Give Me Peace