Album cover

Spare Parts

The Night Owl Label

Once again Numero is rummaging through spare parts in the Cuca Garage. Pulling sides from Forgotten Tymes, Pynk Peach Mob, and The Sound Control, we’ve cobbled together yet another compilation of lost music from the backwoods of Wisconsin. With little more than homemade tape delays and transistor fuzz pedals, these groups made ambitious attempts at psychedelia inside Jim Kirschstein’s modest studio. Like a patina-clad hot rod rolling out of a midwestern barn, these lo-fi reels adorned with distorted vocals, blown out drums, and the occasional tape flutter have been saved from total obscurity, for now.

Track List

  1. The Cannons Day to Day
  2. Friends Jane
  3. The Fastells So Much
  4. Forgotten Tymes Won't You Be With Me
  5. Blue Feeling And My Baby's Gone
  6. The Sandmen You and I
  7. Pynk Peach Mob Love Captured Me
  8. Rear Exit Thinking of You
  9. The Rogues The Secret (So Happy)
  10. The Challengers I Wanna Hold You
  11. Kiriae Crucible Complain
  12. The Scarlet Henchmen Crystal Palace
  13. Jerry & the Continentals (My Girl Has) A Heart Of Stone
  14. Challengers "Of Who" It's Love
  15. The Scarlet Henchmen Ring Dreams
  16. The Sound Control When Will It End
  17. Tom Sheehan God Help The World