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The Mystic Tide

Stay Away b/w Why

Formed on Long Island in early 1965, The Mystic Tide barely made a mark in their time, but are remembered today as one of the most original and enduring garage-psych bands of all time. Led by the snarling Joe Docko on lead guitar and vocals, the band quickly transitioned from cover band to authentic artists. Over the course of two years and five singles, Mystic Tide established a sound and vibe as singular as any in the crowded field of regional mid-’60s four man rock n’ roll outfits. Their 1966 debut, “Stay Away” b/w “Why,” clearly demonstrates Docko’s ability to transform the surf sound into something considerably darker and heavier.

Track List

  1. The Mystic Tide Stay Away
  2. The Mystic Tide Why