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The group’s sophomore, and final LP for Reflection records, MK II modernized Steamhammer’s explorations of classic blues and rock ‘n roll. Before leaving to join Tangerine Dream in 1970, multi-instrumentalist Steve Jolliffe marched their sound into new directions with tracks like “Amiran”, named for band leader Kieran White’s daughter, which features a dancing 6/8 time signature. “Supposed to Be Free” is a crystallization of the band’s songwriting ability, a sonic adventure showcasing their jazz, prog, and psychedelic influences across six minutes of soaring solos and face-melting crescendos.

Track List

  1. Steamhammer Supposed To Be Free
  2. Steamhammer Johnny Carl Morton
  3. Steamhammer Sunset Chase
  4. Steamhammer Contemporary Chick Con Song
  5. Steamhammer Turn Around
  6. Steamhammer 6/8 For Amiran
  7. Steamhammer Passing Through
  8. Steamhammer Down Along The Grove
  9. Steamhammer Another Travelling Time
  10. Steamhammer Fran And Dee Take A Ride
  11. Steamhammer Blues For Passing People