Album cover

Suse Millemann

Windows and Light

Issued quietly in the dead of 1991 on compact disc, Windows and Light is Suse Milleman’s only album. The synthetic, balearic album “came out of living the experience of having a mother with Alzheimer’s disease,” Milleman recalled. Recorded in her Eugene, Oregon, home on a four track, Windows achieved a remarkably polished sound with the help of producer Patrick J. Miller. On one of the ten-song album’s many highlights, “Walk In The Fire,” Millemann asked: “Am I willing to meet myself? Am I willing just to meet?” This is followed by a re-recording of the massive “Patterns”—the breakout hit of our 2018 Switched-On Eugene compilation, which Millemann described as “richer and deeper” than the captivating original. Windows and Light is a true rarity, a complex and fascinating recording whose true depth only reveals itself through repeat listens.

Track List

  1. Suse Millemann Believe It Or Not
  2. Suse Millemann As If
  3. Suse Millemann Walk In The Fire
  4. Suse Millemann Patterns
  5. Suse Millemann Achin' Child
  6. Suse Millemann Some Kinda Hot
  7. Suse Millemann Painted Angels
  8. Suse Millemann Voices
  9. Suse Millemann Essence Of You
  10. Suse Millemann Windows And Light