Album cover

Syl Johnson

Foxy Brown

As Syl Johnson approached the end of his third decade in the entertainment business, the artist-songwriter-producer-label owner-restauranteur was at an artistic crossroads. His soul man and Memphis years were behind him, Wu-Tang and an unlikely Grammy nomination a ways off in the distance. His December 1988 LP Foxy Brown found Syl as a middle-aged bluesman in search of a hit. Sadly, his polished, throwback approach found little purchase in the market, a shame as “Tripping On Your Love” is a masterstroke of synth-y future funk.

Track List

  1. Syl Johnson Dresses Too Short
  2. Syl Johnson Tripping On Your Love
  3. Syl Johnson Love Baby
  4. Syl Johnson Here We Go
  5. Syl Johnson Gimme Some (I Want A Taste Of Fonk)
  6. Syl Johnson Do You Know What Love Is
  7. Syl Johnson Foxy Brown
  8. Syl Johnson They Can't See Your Good Side
  9. Syl Johnson Ms. Fine Brown Frame