Album cover

Syl Johnson

Mythological 45s

If there was one complaint we heard about Syl Johnson’s massive 6LP/4CD overview Complete Mythology, it was its lack of portability. At 6.5 pounds, it doesn't travel well between DJ gigs. And with a dozen previously unreleased undeniable floor fillers, it wasn’t long before folks began clamoring for a handful of these tunes on the compact 45 format.

Sprawled across five 45s and wrapped in a custom Syl Johnson kraft tape, the ten songs packaged within cover a range of black music styles. From the uptempo northern sound of “Do You Know What Love Is” to the work out funk of “Right On,” this limited edition singles box is an instant party starter.

Track List

  1. Syl Johnson Do You Know What Love Is
  2. Syl Johnson The Love I Found In You
  3. Syl Johnson My Funky Band
  4. Syl Johnson Sockin' Soul Power
  5. Syl Johnson Double Whammy (Abaccadaba)
  6. Syl Johnson Right On
  7. Syl Johnson Try My Love
  8. Syl Johnson All I Need Is Someone Like You
  9. Syl Johnson Wiggle In Your Hips