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Ed Crook

That's Alright b/w You'll See

Two miles north of Hitsville U.S.A., another Detroit entrepreneur was tinkering with Berry Gordy’s formula. Major Reynolds was working for the Detroit Water Department when a chance encounter with Golden World Records proprietor Ed Wingate changed his course. “I knew nothing about the record business at that time,” Reynolds said. “I began to search for talent and taking people to his studio, but they were all rejected because the people that I took to them was just raw.

Reynolds incorporated Tri-Sound Records and Studio in 1966 at 11825 Hamilton Avenue in Highland Park. Ed Crook’s lone single was one of two 45s cut and issued that fall, sliding through the cracks of time almost immediately upon release. “That’s Alright” is a baritone-forward slice of northern soul, featuring backing vocals by label mates The Devotions, while “You’ll See” employs Gordy’s syrupy strings approach to soulful record making. Tri-Sound continued through the early ’70s, issuing singles by Leonard “Lil Man” Kaigler, Al “Tiki” Hudson, and the Brown Bombers on the M-R, Major, and Amazing subsidiaries. The studio and family of labels shuttered in 1972 when their lease ran out. “We had a little success in the music business on a shoestring budget,” Reynolds said. “It was a great learning experience.” 

Track List

  1. Ed Crook That's Alright
  2. Ed Crook You'll See