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The Apostles

Tomorrow b/w I'm A Lucky Guy

Who knows how The Apostles ended up at Eugene Viscione’s barbershop/studio run out of a strip mall in in Manville, New Jersey in spring of 1967. The five-piece garage band of Robert Watkins on lead guitar, Daniel Hasulak on bass, Donn Weirich on rhythm guitar, and Jerry Hendricks on drums. Hndericks and Hasulak trade eerie vocals on the moody classic “Tomorrow.” The 45 dropped on Viscione’s WGW label in May of ’67, followed by graduation and complete disappearance of the band.

Track List

  1. [B]The Apostles[/B] [I]Tomorrow[/I] [B]The Apostles[/B] [I]I'm A Lucky Guy[/I]