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The Best of

Don Ray Records

A treasure trove of rare rockabilly and country sides from Don “Ray” Bennett’s crucial Arizona imprint. Operating in relative obscurity from the seat of Maricopa County, Bennett cut hip shakers and on-the-knees beggars alike between 1960-’65, from a variety of never-heard-of-them’s including Dave Curtis, The Floresents, Mike Mershon, Don Armstrong, Bob Morritt, Clem Clark, and The Dropouts. Only the rebel rabble-rouser Alvie Self and his barn burning bopper “Let’s Go Wild” pushed outside the city limits, and even then just barely. The short-lived label’s twelve best sides have been remastered and are perfect for your next hayride, sock hop, or night drinking alone.

Track List

  1. Dave Curtis Cold Grey Dawn
  2. Alvie Self Let's Go Wild
  3. Don Armstrong Tough Luck
  4. The Floresents Pharaoh's Party
  5. Mike Mershon Sure Is Lonesome Out Tonight
  6. Don Armstrong Betty Jo
  7. Bob Morritt Blackmail
  8. Alvie Self Young Singer
  9. The Travelers, Alvie Self Traveler
  10. Clem Clark Calvary's Mountain
  11. The Floresents Dreamtime
  12. The Dropouts Purple Sea