Album cover

The Hated

The Best Piece of Shit Vol. 3

Draped in a flag of patriotic shame, The Hated stormed onto the scene just as D.C.’s Revolution Summer was swerving out of control. Channeling Bad Brains’ Black thrash and Hüsker Dü’s zen approach to hardcore, Dan Littleton, Erik Fisher, Colin Meeder, and Mike Bonner synthesized their own outsider entry in 1985. Their nine-song debut album featured The Hated’s first true moment of brilliance in “Words Come Back”—a stinging indictment of their home town’s Nam shrapnel and racist undercurrent set to a near-blast beat beat. Five-hundred copies of the semi-professionally dubbed Best Piece of Shit Vol 3. cassette were circulated around the greater Chesapeake area, and a legend was born.

Numero and The Hated have gone back to the original analog 1/4” tapes to present the cleanest version of these critical 1985 recordings made at Annapolis, Maryland’s LSP Studios. The shambolic beginnings of the earliest emo band that was nearly lost to time, now from the convenience of the cloud.

Track List

  1. The Hated Hey Mister
  2. The Hated I Don't Like You
  3. The Hated Somewhere
  4. The Hated (Intro) Your Mind
  5. The Hated Words Come Back
  6. The Hated No Meaning
  7. The Hated Hate Me
  8. The Hated The Good Old Days
  9. The Hated Touch It