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The Ruins

4 Song Demo

You’ve heard The Ruins on Fresh Cuts with Eugene Viscione, the 60s strip mall garage compilation that put Manville, NJ on the map. The Ruins’ trip to Viscione’s barber shop studio in late 1967 resulted in a psychedelic, fuzzed out 4 song demo written by Gaia Hypothesis scholar Bruce Scofield and vocalist Joe Mavica.

After The Ruins’ disbandment in 1969, Bruce Scofield formed the band now known as Golgotha. He recorded their only album, Old Seeds Bootleg, in 1973 at Viscione’s Manville studio. Scofield went on to study under Lynn Margulis and now works as an astrology professor and author in Massachusetts.

Track List

  1. The Ruins She Doesn't Understand
  2. The Ruins Gordel Postulate (Look At All My Friends)
  3. The Ruins Die Underground
  4. The Ruins Medicine Man