Album cover

The Songs Of

David Lewis

Issued as a promo-only, song-plugger’s white label in 1970, Songs of David Lewis is an accidentally great solo album. Recorded at Trident Studios with the leftover studio time from Andwella’s second LP World’s End, the 11-song demo was pressed in a minuscule quantity and promptly forgotten about following Reflection Records’ implosion. The happenstance behind the Songs of David Lewis hardly diminishes the brilliance of the music that lies behind its humble origins. Before his twentieth birthday, Lewis refined the crafts of songwriting, melody, and poetry with the effortlessness of a natural born troubadour.

Track List

  1. David Lewis You Don't Know
  2. David Lewis On A Day Like Today
  3. David Lewis Such A Long Way To Go
  4. David Lewis Everlasting Love
  5. David Lewis Because Of The Love You've Given Me
  6. David Lewis Take My Road
  7. David Lewis Man Without A Name
  8. David Lewis Love is a Beautiful Thing
  9. David Lewis Learning To Walk
  10. David Lewis Put Away Your Tears
  11. David Lewis Yesterday's Gold