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Soul Supply

Original Vinyl Only! That’s what we used to make this CD… ok, a few came from master tapes, we’ll hope the most parochial soulies will let us slide (though we’re anticipating a Soul Source 10-pager on the topic). A “northern soul” style compilation is just the latest Numbero product to bootleg the extensive Numero catalog… a label you may have heard mentioned through clenched teeth concerning our preference for “replicating” original 45s, rather than splashing them with shite contemporary design. This is a peace offering: a compilation of both talc-covered classics and unheard floor-fillers. What better way to reintroduce our fledgling concern to the UK than by playing straight to the middle? It is the Numbero way.

Some, like Walter & the Admerations’ “Man Oh Man,” Lou Ragland’s “I Travel Alone,” or Bob & Fred’s “I’ll Be On My Way” have been on casino-goers’ radars for years, others, like Benny Scott & the Soul Masters “No Other Woman But You” and Rudolph Jacobs “Baby, I Love You” were barely seen outside of a square block in Houston, Texas, let alone dug up by John Anderson forty years ago (although chances are he remembers having a whole palette full of them.) If you’re new to this catalog, you can only go up from here. Numero prides itself on making well-researched, lovingly curated compilations. But this is a Numbero compilation… see, totally different. Peruse the accompanying insert for places to head next. If you know us and love us, most of this will be old hat, but we tucked a few gems in here to make it worth the ten quid you just parted with. If a few carvers get cut, we’ll take it as a compliment.

Track List

  1. Lou Ragland I Travel Alone
  2. Walter & the Admerations Man Oh Man
  3. James Dockery My Faith In You Is All Gone
  4. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners Wait For Me
  5. The Royal Imperials This Heart Of Mine
  6. Majestees Take Back All Those Things
  7. Benny Scott & the Soul Masters No Other Woman But You
  8. The Georgettes Hard Hard
  9. Brand New Faces Brand New Faces
  10. Two Plus Two I'm Sure
  11. The Royal Esquires Ain't Gonna Run
  12. Rudolf Jacobs Baby, I Love You
  13. Skip Drake Wrapped Around Your Finger
  14. The Headlines He's Looking For A Love
  15. Helene Smith Thrills And Chills
  16. The Combinations While You Were Gone
  17. The Notations Now I Know How It Feels
  18. Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher
  19. Bob & Fred I'll Be On My Way
  20. Imperial Wonders Just A Dream