Album cover

Tony Palkovic

Born With A Desire

From the pastel wallpapered rooms of suburban office parks everywhere, a soft sound emerged to offset the hard edges of 1980s new corporate lifestyle. A mixture of lightweight R&B, computer jazz, Quiet Storm, and instrumental easy-listening, Smooth Jazz painted an airbrushed wave over the American economy in a pre-internet era.

Our first entry into the Smooth Jazz Underground, Tony Palkovic’s self-released 1985 Born With A Desire LP is an icy vapor-wave soundtrack to the sunset drive in your mind. A gradient of drum machine and synth as you slip into anesthesia.

Track List

  1. Tony Palkovic Born With A Desire
  2. Tony Palkovic True To Yourself
  3. Tony Palkovic Breath Of Sound
  4. Tony Palkovic Better Than Before
  5. Tony Palkovic Day To Day
  6. Tony Palkovic Electric Heart
  7. Tony Palkovic Hoping For A Better World