Album cover

Branko Mataja

Traditional And Folk Songs Of Yugoslavia

Branko Mataja created his glorious one and only LP by himself, at home. An entirely switched on, plugged in affair, every single note comes directly from Mataja’s fully customized guitar. All of which is to say that Traditional and Folk Songs of Yugoslavia sounds less like a dry history lesson in the folk music of Mataja’s homeland and more like an intimate, one to one communication between artist and listener. Earlier in 2022, Numero Group released “Over Fields And Mountains”, a compilation of Branko Mataja’s greatest hits, to great acclaim. (“An album of sublime, spooky beauty,” wrote The Guardian.) Now you can listen to the full album in its original sequence, and join the debate about whether or not we should have included Mataja’s epic rendition of “Tuzna Je Nedelja” (“Gloomy Sunday”) — was it just right, or too much?

Track List

  1. Branko Mataja Da Smo Se Ranije Sreli
  2. Branko Mataja Sreo Sam Te
  3. Branko Mataja Šušti Bagrem Beli
  4. Branko Mataja Teško Mi Je Zaboravit
  5. Branko Mataja U Proletnje Jutro
  6. Branko Mataja Kolo
  7. Branko Mataja Tebi Majko Misli Lete
  8. Branko Mataja Uzicko Kolo
  9. Branko Mataja Tuzna Je Nedelja
  10. Branko Mataja Hteo Bi Te Zaboravit
  11. Branko Mataja Sumadijo Sumovita
  12. Branko Mataja Zapletnički Čačak