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Unwound reunited in July of 2001 with original drummer Brandt Sandeno for a quick run through their old songs at Olympia’s Phoenix Street House. A decade removed from their post-hardcore roots, with heaps of technical proficiency to go around, the trio blazed through their debut album and a few Giant Henry cuts for a select number of Olympians, just prior to the release of their final album, Leaves Turn Inside You.

Track List

  1. Unwound Crab Nebula (Live)
  2. Unwound Rising Blood (Live)
  3. Unwound Understand and Forget (Live)
  4. Unwound You Bite My Tongue (Live)
  5. Unwound Supernova (Live)
  6. Unwound Listenator (Live)
  7. Unwound Rubber Band Heart (Live)
  8. Unwound Beautiful Name (Live)
  9. Unwound Huckleberries (Live)
  10. Unwound Kid is Gone (Live)
  11. Unwound Prospect (Live)
  12. Unwound Hating in D (Live)
  13. Unwound Kandy Korn Rituals (Live)
  14. Unwound Against (Live)
  15. Unwound Chris Jordan (Live)