Album cover


Faked Train

The first recordings made by the trio of Sara Lund, Justin Trosper, and Vern Rumsey. Tracked in the garage of a dilapidated house in Olympia by the Nation of Ulysses’ Tim Green at the end of 1992, these 10 chaotic instrumental renderings were the blueprint for their Fake Train album. A nod to Kill Rock Stars’ handmade promo editions, Faked Train was pressed in an edition of 1000 and only available via mail ordering 2014’s Rat Conspiracy box set.

Track List

  1. Unwound Dragnalus (Red House Demo)
  2. Unwound Pure Pain Sugar (Red House Demo)
  3. Unwound Gravity Slips (Red House Demo)
  4. Unwound Unsympathetica (Red House Demo)
  5. Unwound New Radio Hit (Red House Demo)
  6. Unwound Flight Attendant (Red House Demo)
  7. Unwound Valentine (Red House Demo)
  8. Unwound Pinwheel Signaling (Red House Demo)
  9. Unwound Nervous Energy (Red House Demo)
  10. Unwound Lucky Acid (Red House Demo)