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Upper Astral

Crystal Cave (Back To Atlantis)

“Imagine all the love you’ve ever experienced manifested as a force drawing you into complete peace, balance and harmony,” Dick Sutphen wrote in 1982. Twinkling bells and celestial voices commingle with glistening harp wipes—anticipating visions of a “New Weird America.” Hastily recorded in a converted garage studio in Glendale, California, Crystal Cave’s two 22-minute improvisations with PhD harpist Carrol McLaughlin stand as a testament to the seemingly supernatural ability of core members David Storrs and David Naegele to churn out inspired soundtracks for Dick Sutphen’s imagined dreamworld. An ethereal blanket of sound to keep you cozy on your journey inward, deeper into the heart of the Valley of the Sun.

Track List

  1. Upper Astral Crystal Cave (Back To Atlantis)
  2. Upper Astral The Atlantis Healing Harp