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Not to be confused with the Long Island-based ’60s garage rock quintet, these Vagrants spilled out of the ’80s East Bay scene as a miasma of teenage angst, D.I.Y. attitude, and suburban alienation. Though they shared stages with the Gilman Street de rigueur—Green Day, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, et al—The Vagrants took a more introspective approach, channeling DC, early emo, and melodic hardcore. Their lone EP—1990’s Gone—was the thirty-second release on Larry Livermore’s taste-making Lookout Records concern. Over the course of a half decade, the band played only 50 gigs before changing names and direction, reappearing in 1993 under the Pot Valiant moniker.

Track List

  1. Vagrants Open Book
  2. Vagrants Gone
  3. Vagrants Alone