Album cover

Vernal Equinox

New Found World

Employee discounted basement synth madness from Kitchener, Ontario. Originally issued on Atomeum Dawn, Steve Brenner and Timothy Rempel’s Vernal Equinox project found fourth world terra firma in 1988. Utilizing the DX7, Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and Roland drum machines numbered 606, 707, 808, and 909, New Found World is 43 minutes of then-cutting edge technology endlessly layered. Caught somewhere between dance and new age, Vernal Equinox catches that last ray of sun on the lake and refracts the infinite possibilities of Spring’s promise.

Track List

  1. Vernal Equinox Sunrise
  2. Vernal Equinox Le Metro
  3. Vernal Equinox Silent Dream: 1. Imagery, 2. Realization, 3. The Real Dream
  4. Vernal Equinox New Found World
  5. Vernal Equinox Autumn Sunset