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Vince Howard

Heart-Soul and Inspiration

Clocking in at an epic eleven minutes, Vince Howard’s “I’m Gonna Love You More” is a tantric reimagining of Barry White’s 1973 top ten sex classic. Where White was content delivering a subtle and syrupy innuendo, L.A. drummer, band leader, and producer Vince Howard transforms the break-heavy track into a meandering fuck/funk workout. From “sliding off your pinkies” to Marsha Sims’ playful moans, Howard keeps the groove going until his roping climax at the nine minute mark before asking to “hold onto me for a while. Keep it wrapped up just like you got me.”

Howard's Heart-Soul & Inspiration Orchestra cut their only album in 1974 for John Spriggs’ Los Angeles-based Viscojon concern under the watchful eye of R&B godfather Johnny Otis. The crooning Howard got his start in 1957 with Herb Newman’s Era label before signing with Viscojon in 1963. A few singles were tracked over the ensuing decade as Howard slowly began piecing together his “Orchestra” of bassist Jimmy Soul, guitarist Ron Carr, and pianist John True. After their Barry White/Isaac Hayes facsimile LP failed to gain traction, the group tracked their final recordings—“Funk on Down” b/w “Fallen Angel”—for Viscojon, petering out as disco and the DJ came to prominence and dominance on the nightclub circuit.

Track List

  1. Vince Howard I’m Gonna Love You More
  2. Vince howard Can’t Get Enough
  3. Vince Howard Make Love To Your Mind
  4. Vince howard My First, Last, My Everything
  5. Vince Howard Funk On Down
  6. Vince howard Fallen Angel