Album cover

The Hated

What Was Behind

After spending the fall apart, Erik Fisher and Dan Littleton convened a second version of The Hated with John Irvine on bass in drummer Kenny Hill’s basement over Xmas break 1985. Bursting with songs and refined political rage, this new Hated rehearsed tirelessly for a week straight and then piled straight into Les Lentz’s LSP studio to track the results. “It was the most intense experience from beginning to end,” Lentz recalled. “They would show up in a taxi, and have all the songs deeply rehearsed so that they could get through their set in an hour, which cost $3.50, which they might pay in change or add the tally to their tab. Because they didn’t have much money, they came determined to squeeze it all in, playing songs back to back. When they were done, they were sweaty and exhausted. The songs often ended with extended feedback, and they would nod and sway like they were in a trance, hunched over, just totally drained. Why was everything so heavy? Why all the angst? Honestly, I think it was just complete boredom with bland, mundane suburbia.”

The Hated’s sophomore album What Was Behind spilled out. Issued on cassette in 1986, the album was eventually reissued on LP by Vermin Scum six years later, but erroneously cut at a slower speed. Numero and The Hated have corrected this 30-year-old mistake, remastering from the original analog tapes and adding the previously unissued acoustic demo “Like The Days” to this mid-‘80s post-hardcore masterpiece. 

Track List

  1. The Hated Untold Mess
  2. The Hated Waiting
  3. The Hated Immunity
  4. The Hated Fortunate One
  5. The Hated What Was Behind
  6. The Hated Less Than Nothing
  7. The Hated Never Is Allways
  8. The Hated Departure
  9. The Hated Ballad
  10. The Hated Everysong
  11. The Hated No More We Cry
  12. The Hated Like The Days
  13. The Hated Not To Be Taken Away