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Known to most psych collectors simply as Window because of the large assemblage on the back cover, this album and its title track are the fruit of Dallas, Texas, songstress Judy Kelly. Kelly began singing at the tender age of two and got her first guitar from her parents at eleven. As Kelly grew up, her songwriting skills matured from schoolyard themes to tunes influenced by folk and folk-rock. In the late ’60s, Kelly took her talents to the local folk scene, playing at clubs and the nearby college coffee house circuit.

In the summer of 1974, Kelly enlisted the help of friends from high school to flesh out her bare arrangements, and in the process created a document of their young lives. Window began as a poem sung at a friends wedding. The song was recorded in one take, with Liz Volk adding a second piano for ornamentation to Kelly’s spare and pure vocals. When it came time to design the album art, Kelly drew inspiration from a house she drove by every day. The window’s frames feature images of Kelly’s friends, the other performers on the album.

Through mutual acquaintances the song was picked up and released on two separate Myrrh compilations, Jubilation, Too and The Greatest of These Is Love. Thinking that these appearances would lead to a record contract with parent company Word, Kelly and company recorded a demo for an album to be titled Friends and Angels, but the album never materialized.

These days, Kelly lives in a suburb of Dallas working as a technical writer. “I like to write,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what kind of writing as long as I’m writing. I stopped for a really long time because life got away from me and I was raising my children. I have a whole lot of songs that never got on the first album. Ones no one’s ever heard before.”

Track List

  1. Window Silver
  2. Window Noah
  3. Window Lullaby You
  4. Window Day Star
  5. Window Comfort Me
  6. Window Happy To See You
  7. Window Jamie
  8. Window Beginning
  9. Window The Magician
  10. Window You Can Pray
  11. Window Window
  12. Window Shine
  13. Window Jenny's Song
  14. Window The Garden