About the Numero Group

The Numero Group is an internationally recognized archival record label and rights management firm with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. Founded in 2003 by Rob Sevier and Ken Shipley, for over two decades Numero has been mining the 20th century for sonic curios, packaging and contextualizing their discoveries for a new generation of listeners.

With over 20,000 songs in the catalog, Numero distills forgotten music and iconography from around the globe into LPs, CDs, 45s, tapes, board games, playlists, books, plush toys, and everything between. Our in-house sync specialists have up-cycled thousands of copyrights into film, television, advertisements, and hits by Drake, Travis Scott, Lizzo, Pusha T, Logic, Solange, and Chance The Rapper, while our 12-time Grammy nominated team of master storytellers and craftspeople have redeveloped the careers of Duster, Laraaji, Pastor T.L. Barrett, Unwound, Penny & The Quarters, Blondie, and Syl Johnson.

There is no Numero sound, rather, Numero is an aesthetic. An art project disguised as a business, a powerful collection, distribution, and marketing firm masquerading as an old fashioned record label.


Music Licensing

Numero has a dedicated in-house team of licensing professionals here to meet the needs of your billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster or student film alike. 95% of our catalog is one-stop, with Numero administering the Dust Index and Songs of Numero Group publishing catalogs. Requests can be made through the form below.

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Numero Outlet

Open from noon to 6pm on select Fridays, The Numero Factory Outlet is the only record store in the world that carries the complete in-print Numero range. Organized by catalog number, the shop is tailored to the die-hard Numero enthusiast. Come browse our exclusive releases or buy new titles before they hit the rest of the world while hearing tests pressings from the next great Numero album. Our dedicated staff is here to put the right titles in your basket and guide you through the elaborate inner-workings of the world’s greatest catalog label.