• The Duster Universe

    The complete Duster catalog, plus Valium Aggelein, Helvetia, Calm, and Mohinder. Eiafuawn coming soon, dorks.
  • Country Dreamin'

    America's hillbilly hopefuls spilled out of the mountains and plains in the 1960s with their guitars, a few rustic songs, and a dream.
  • Numero '22

    New old music every other day.
  • Don't Stop: The Numero Guide to Disco Rap

    Rap over disco breaks. The original b-boy boullaibase, born in the Bronx.
  • Early Emo: 1985-1995

  • The Cabinet of Curiosities: Numero’s tribute to the Suburban Studio Sublime

  • To Here Knows When: The Numero Guide to Shoegaze

    Celebrating the scene that celebrates itself
  • Fright On The South Side

    We’ve got nightmarish creepers, spellbinding jeepers, and zombie freakers … tune in if you dare
  • Mid-Century Modern

  • Visible and Invisible Persons Distributed in Space

    The Numero Guide to Sci-fi Soul
    Experiments in sci-fi soul
  • Eccentric Disco

    Come Boogie with us
    Rockin', Poppin', and full-tiltin' until the the milk truck drags the sun up. Come boogie with us
  • Eccentric Chicago Soul

    Blending together hometown heroes & deeper cuts from our Chicago soul catalog.
  • Teen Expo: The Numero Guide to Underground Teen Beat

    Drag strip dolls and drive-in dudes.
  • Eccentric R&B

    Soul so heavy the blues bleed through
  • Sleep with Numero

    Rest your weary mind for a full REM cycle's worth of sound, eight hours of bliss to prepare you for tomorrow.
  • Super Sounds: The Numero Guide to J-Rock

  • 1980's Punk & Indie

    Relive the glory days.
  • Reggae on Sunset

    The Numero Guide to Dub & Reggae
  • Let's Go Wild!

    The Numero Guide to Rockabilly
    Get gone. Real gone. Three and a half hours of the wildest countrified r’n’r this side of Memphis. A treasure trove of boppers, draggers, and hip-shakers sure to get lodged somewhere between your brain and that heavy dollop of grease keeping your duck butt firm. Perfect for a drive to lover’s point, the passion pit, or just hot rodding around town with the top down.
  • 24 Carat Black

    The Genius of Dale Warren
    Over the course of two decades with Stax, Motown, and dozens of other micro labels, Dale Warren’s singular sound was imprinted hundreds of songs. Our latest playlist gathers over 150 examples of his work, from Isaac Hayes to Marvin Gaye.
  • Numero 95

    Software Sounds
    Welcome to Numero ’95. To begin your experience click the link in bio. When the playlist has been mounted on your machine your consciousness should be redirected to its new programming commands immediately. See you inside.
  • Sketches

    Demos, Rehearsals, and Outtakes
    Rehearsals, demos, outtakes, these diamonds in the rough offer a glimpse behind the veil of the sacred songwriting process. Sketches is a collection of our favorite first drafts, scratches of melody on their way to becoming the next great earworm.
  • Moody

    Walls of jangly guitars, maudlin organs, and melancholy harmonies deliver the bummer to ring in the summer.
  • Eccentric Ohio Soul

  • NuLeaf

  • Lover's Walk

    The Numero Guide to Street Soul
  • 909s and Sunshine

    The Numero Guide to UK Rave
  • Eccentric Boogie

  • Soft Summer Breezes

  • Sunday Morning Comin' Up

    Let Numero take the wheel and drive this lazy day.
  • Whispers

    The Numero Guide to Lounge Music
  • In/Visible Persons Distributed In Space

    The Numero Guide to Sci-Fi Soul
    Successful experiments in otherworldly interpretations of soul
  • Wayfaring Strangers

    The Numero Guide to Private Press Folk
    One private press folk album to rule them all.
  • Numero Group 2021

    The Numero Guide to Numero Hits
    Numero hits from the last little while.

    The Numero Guide to Four-Track Fantasia
    A hero’s quest worth of staccato synths, crack house Casios, off-brand drum machines, minimal Morricone, four-track fantasia, and a variety of other speculations on what the 1980s thought the future would sound like.
  • P L A N I S P H E R E

    The Numero Guide to Drum Machine Manifestos
    Planisphere will provide you with a fairly discernible chart for discovering both deep-sky objects or shallow emotional pulses of the cerebral cortex.
  • L80s

    The Numero Guide to Ladies of the 80s
    Channeling Kim Wilde grooves and Carly Simon moods.
  • You're Not From 'Round Here

    The Numero Guide to Country Noir
    The soundtrack to your spaghetti western dreams and backcountry schemes.
  • Technicolor Paradise

    The Numero Guide to Exotica
    Slip into a mental shangri-la so soothing you won't realize this paradise is just a living room luau. Go wild, you tiki freaks.
  • Funk Rock Rides Again

    The Numero Guide to Funk Rock
    For our next trick... watch us pull a funk break out of a rock song.
  • D for Effort

    The Numero Guide to Slowcore
    Now that we have Duster, Bedhead, and Codeine in the catalog, we thought it might be interesting to gather up some other loose ends into one convenient place.
  • You Are Cordially Invited to Attend the Numero Dinner Party

    The Numero Guide to Elegant Hosting
    We're serving up the smoothest, creamiest sounds. Featuring cocktail jazz hors d'oeuvres, a main course marinated in reverb and a sweet, salty yacht rock dessert. You're invited! (BYOB).
  • Private Beach

    The Numero Guide to Surf
    Waves of reverb crashing on your private beach, you can ride these bad boys for miles.
  • Cloudbusting

    The Numero Guide to Ecto
    Happy Rhodes' sound is tough to pin down, so her fan club coined the term Ecto to describe it. Use our Spotify playlist as a primer.
  • Bliss Out For Days

    Meditation & Relaxation
    We get it, you just got into these new age joints and have no idea where to go next. We’ve got a playlist for that.
  • Eccentric Deep Soul

    Displaying such intense and life-dependent vocal performances you’re not sure if the singer’s about to break down crying or chase fistfuls of sleeping pills with whiskey.
  • Garage Punk Kids

    The Numero Guide to '60s Garage
    Raw, three-chord fuzzbox boogie straight outta the garage (as long as you're done by dinnertime).
  • Broken Arrows

    The Numero Guide to Black Vietnam
    Black Americans served and died in disporportionate numbers in Vietnam. These are their songs: longings, protestings, homecomings.
  • From the Stacks

    A Journey Through the Numero Vault
    Every Friday we upload a new digital-only record from our vault. Follow along with our progress here.
  • Cosmic American Music

    The Numero Guide to Country Rock
    Our guide to the electric country Gram Parsons embroidered into the deserts and plains of 1970's America.
  • Cult Cargo

    The Numero Guide to International Soul
    Our finest soul imports served up duty free.
  • A Place Called Bad

    The Numero Guide to Aussie Punk
    Here's your chance to get acquainted with The Scientists, don't blow it kid.
  • Seafaring Strangers

    The Numero Guide to Yacht Rock
    "I've got your life vest right here: it's called the 80's, and it's gonna be around forever!"
  • It Came From NYC

    The Numero Guide to Scuzz Rock
    Like all good things sleazy and sordid, scuzz rock came from NYC - look no further for the grimiest of guitar music.
  • Afterschool Special

    The Numero Guide to Kid Soul
    Pre-pubescent falsettos belting out nothing but sweet sincerity with a side of sass.
  • Dream Songs and Healing Sounds

    The Numero Guide to Ethnographic Recordings
    Conduct your own ethnographic research in a place and time far from your reality. Hear the sounds and songs of indigenous cultures and remote civilizations you may never see with your own eyes.
  • Adults Only

    The Numero Guide to Strip Club Shakers
    Back in the day there were no jazz players worth their salt who never moonlit a strip joint. To celebrate these nighthawks, here are our favorite brass-backed burlesque bump-and-grinders.
  • Eccentric Funk

    Take a dive into the deep end of the funk pool.
  • 1990s Punk & Indie

    The Numero Guide to Punk & Indie
    Anyone can do it, so do it yourself.
  • American Primitive

    The Numero Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar
    Numero's picks of America's fingerpicking virtuosos.
  • Eccentric Florida Soul

    Melding the tight tunes from marching band heydays with Caribbean reverberations, this is the guide to the neon-lit Miami Sound. From Deep City, Florida's first Black-owned label, onward.
  • Eccentric Instrumentals

    The Numero Guide to Instrumental Soul
    Some of our favorite soul tracks - vocals not included.
  • Acid Nightmares

    The Numero Guide to Proto-Metal
    Satanic strains from the severely stoned, post-hippie pre-metal.
  • Out There

    The Numero Guide to Outsider Music
    Outerspace ethnographers and your local neighborhood hermits. These are the stars of outsider music.
  • Blank Generation

    The Numero Guide to New York Punk
    Experience the Bowery scene before it turned into a John Varvatos boutique.
  • Who Knows Where the Time Goes

    The Numero Guide to UK Folk
    Lonesome, meditative folk from the Great Isle, for passing time in the hermitage or while gearing up to watch The Wicker Man again.
  • It's My Thing

    The Numero Guide to Sister Funk
    They say she was too Black for rock and too hard for soul. These are the powerful ladies who pioneered funk.
  • Shanghai'd Soul

    The Numero Guide to Sampling
    You heard here first - samples from the depths of Numero's catalog.
  • Chains & Black Exhaust

    The Numero Guide to Black Rock
    Hard churning and feedback fueled, these are the artists who reclaimed rock as Black.
  • Entonces Que Somos

    The Numero Guide to Latin Music
    A little Latin salsa, bossa, funk, soul, and psych stew for you, from Numero.
  • Basement Beehive

    The Numero Guide to the Girl Group Sound
    Ponytail pop from the ’60s. Girls in groups, in pairs, solo, or on the moon.
  • I Need That Record

    The Numero Guide to Power Pop
    A guitar pop soundtrack for shopping for buttons to wear on your jacket lapels.
  • Purple Reign

    The Numero Guide to the Minneapolis Sound
    You know the Purple One. Get familiar with his Minneapolis neighbors on the corner of funk rock and synth pop.
  • Eccentric Northern Soul

    American soul sounds that graced the dance floors of Northern England, with that beat guaranteed to keep you up all night every night.
  • Ladies From the Canyon

    The Numero Guide to Femme Folk
    Mother Earth's sirens singing moonlit songs carved from the canyon.