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Alex Johnson

Operation Oasis

Dedicated to the men and women of Operation Desert Storm, Alex Johnson produced a small number of Operation Oasis cassettes and shipped the entire run to American soldiers serving in Iraq and Kuwait. Recorded in 1991, Johnson combined virtuosic, looping violin solos over heavy synth drones evoking boundless desert vistas to create a touching gesture of support.

Dubbed in an edition of 250.

  • Cassette

    1 clear cassette with black imprint
    1 double-sided 3-panel J card
    1 clear Norelco cassette case

Track List

  1. Alex Johnson Passages I
  2. Alex Johnson Passages II
  3. Alex Johnson Passages III
  4. Alex Johnson Music for Earth Orbit
  5. Alex Johnson Sea of Tranquility
  6. Alex Johnson The Kiss