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The complete studio recordings by the Dallas, Texas, slow­core pioneers, every cymbal crash, guitar brush, and whisper, across five LPs or four compact discs. Deluxe box includes WhatFunLifeWas, Beheaded, Transaction De Novo, and an additional CD or double LP overflowing with singles, EPs, and outtakes, alongside a perfect-bound book dissecting the quintet’s nervous slouch through the ’90s. The enclosed 40-page book includes 25,000 word essay, previously unseen photographs, poster reproductions, visual discography, and complete lyrics. Deluxe 5LP box is only available here and limited to 2000 copies.

  • 5xLP Box

    5 140g LPs
    3 1-pocket tip-on gatefold jackets
    1 2-pocket tip-on gatefold jacket
    1 44-page 12.5

Track List

  1. Bedhead Liferaft
  2. Bedhead Haywire
  3. Bedhead Bedside Table
  4. Bedhead The Unpredictable Landlord
  5. Bedhead Crushing
  6. Bedhead Unfinished
  7. Bedhead Powder
  8. Bedhead Foaming Love
  9. Bedhead To The Ground
  10. Bedhead Living Well
  11. Bedhead Wind Down
  12. Bedhead Beheaded
  13. Bedhead The Rest Of The Day
  14. Bedhead Left Behind
  15. Bedhead What's Missing
  16. Bedhead Smoke
  17. Bedhead Burned Out
  18. Bedhead Roman Candle
  19. Bedhead Withdraw
  20. Bedhead Felo de Se
  21. Bedhead Lares and Penates
  22. Bedhead Losing Memories
  23. Bedhead Exhume
  24. Bedhead More Than Ever
  25. Bedhead Parade
  26. Bedhead Half-thought
  27. Bedhead Extramundane
  28. Bedhead Forgetting
  29. Bedhead Lepidoptera
  30. Bedhead Psychosomatica
  31. Bedhead The Present
  32. Bedhead Bedside Table (7'' Version)
  33. Bedhead Living Well (7'' Version)
  34. Bedhead The Rest Of The Day (7'' Version)
  35. Bedhead I'm Not Here
  36. Bedhead Heiszahobit
  37. Bedhead Dead Language
  38. Bedhead What I'm Here For
  39. Bedhead Disorder
  40. Bedhead The Dark Ages
  41. Bedhead Inhume
  42. Bedhead Any Life
  43. Bedhead Intents and Purposes
  44. Bedhead Golden Brown
  45. Bedhead Leper