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Sophomore effort from the Wichita, Texas, slowcore masters. Originally issued in 1996 on King Coffey’s Trance Syndicate label, Beheaded is a dark and brooding affair. The braided, triple guitar attack of brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane and Tench Coxe is more reflective than bracing, each note simultaneously sustaining and building. The rhythm section of drummer Trini Martinez and bassist Kris Wheat breath effortlessly along, anxious only for more space.

Track List

  1. Bedhead Beheaded
  2. Bedhead The Rest Of The Day
  3. Bedhead Left Behind
  4. Bedhead What's Missing
  5. Bedhead Smoke
  6. Bedhead Burned Out
  7. Bedhead Roman Candle
  8. Bedhead Withdraw
  9. Bedhead Felo de Se
  10. Bedhead Lares and Penates
  11. Bedhead Losing Memories