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Transaction De Novo

Their third and final album, 1998’s Transaction De Novo finds Bedhead destroying the sound it helped forge. No longer concerned with loud and quiet, the quintet uses distortion at its leisure. Tempos increase at will, chasing wave after wave with no break in sight. Desert-dry guitars jangle along, nearly jaunty at times, journeying through songs with no chorus or bridge. Steve Albini’s masterful ear keeps the entire 37 minute affair clean, giving Matt Kadane’s vocals the chance to creep above near-mumble. Thankfully, they never do.

Track List

  1. Bedhead Exhume
  2. Bedhead More Than Ever
  3. Bedhead Parade
  4. Bedhead Half-thought
  5. Bedhead Extramundane
  6. Bedhead Forgetting
  7. Bedhead Lepidoptera
  8. Bedhead Psychosomatica
  9. Bedhead The Present