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Their shambolic 1994 debut, remastered from the original tapes and presented in lavish, gatefold form. A mix of restrained loud and purposeful quiet, WhatFunLifeWas’s eleven tracks unfold at a marathon runner’s pace, picking up speed when necessary, but its eye on completing a personal race. Singer Matt Kadane’s soft, semi-drawl is buried in the mix, letting brother Bubba and Tench Coxe’s guitars weave cleanly around drummer Trini Martinez’s all-ride-all-the-time timekeeping.

Track List

  1. Bedhead Liferaft
  2. Bedhead Haywire
  3. Bedhead Bedside Table
  4. Bedhead The Unpredictable Landlord
  5. Bedhead Crushing
  6. Bedhead Unfinished
  7. Bedhead Powder
  8. Bedhead Foaming Love
  9. Bedhead To The Ground
  10. Bedhead Living Well
  11. Bedhead Wind Down