Album cover

Blonde Redhead

La Mia Vita Violenta

Art-house kosmische from the battered basements of pre-9/11 New York. Polyrhythmic screamo for underemployed Gen-Xers and trust fund weed dealers alike. La Mia Vita Violenta, Blonde Redhead’s 1995 sophomore effort, in print as a definitive single LP for the first time since… ever.

“These songs combine a raw need, a ready access to neediness, with seemingly incongruous cinematic changes reminiscent of ‘60s Italian pop music and movie scores. They switch between emotional grandeur and eye scratching immediacy.” —Arto Lindsay

Track List

  1. Blonde Redhead (I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off
  2. Blonde Redhead Violent Life
  3. Blonde Redhead U.F.O.
  4. Blonde Redhead I Am There While You Choke On Me
  5. Blonde Redhead Harmony
  6. Blonde Redhead Down Under
  7. Blonde Redhead Bean
  8. Blonde Redhead Young Neil
  9. Blonde Redhead 10 Feet High
  10. Blonde Redhead Jewel