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Heart Of Glass

The song that burst Blondie out of the streets of the Bowery to #1 on the charts, “Heart of Glass” was the pivotal moment in punk’s choreographed slamdance with the mainstream. Inspired by Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, Blondie transformed their campy “Once I Had A Love” into a Roland-driven juggernaut and never looked back. Explored and exploded via six distinct versions remastered from the original analog tapes, the history of “Heart of Glass” is documented here in a copious essay and packaged in gorgeous screened and die cut sleeve.

Track List

  1. Blondie Heart Of Glass (Long)
  2. Blondie Heart Of Glass (Basic Track)
  3. Blondie Heart Of Glass (Shep Pettibone Mix)
  4. Blondie The Disco Song
  5. Blondie Once I Had A Love (1978)
  6. Blondie Heart Of Glass (Instrumental)