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Blue Tandem

Fleetwood Jack

Patrons of Whispers Lounge circa 1978 might recall our weekend talent Blue Tandem. The husband and wife duo graced our stage with their unique blend of bossalito and radio hits, lulling patrons from drink to smoke and back to drink again over the course of two three hour sets. The centerpiece of their gigs was their Fleetwood Mac suite, enticing young lovers to follow the Donca-matic’s beat and grope-dance to “Dreams” and “Rhiannon.”

A board tape from sound man/MC Mr. Eldorado captured the nightly magic, which we discovered on the floor of his ’73 Rialto after his untimely passing during our 14th annual softball match with our arch nemesis at Red Lion. We’ve done our best to cut through the cigar-stained tape hiss, bringing the listener back to those Crown Royal-soaked nights of 1978.

Blue Tandem - "Dreams"

Track List

  1. Blue Tandem Dreams
  2. Blue Tandem Rhiannon