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Rex’s seminal 1996 sophomore album C, now on deluxe double vinyl for the first time. Every one of C’s 66 minutes is a delightful exploration at the intersection of slowcore and alt-country, weaving heartfelt Americana, stately strings, progged-out rhythms and crashingly heavy climaxes into captivating epics. Remastered from the original analog tapes, C has been given a second life beyond the CD-era, and comes housed in a tip-on jacket with restored artwork from guitarist Curtis Harvey.

Track List

  1. Rex Morning
  2. Rex Ride Home
  3. Rex New Son
  4. Rex Critella
  5. Rex Audrey La 'Mort
  6. Rex Jubin
  7. Rex C
  8. Rex All Waves
  9. Rex Porcelain
  10. Rex New Dirge / Farther Along
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