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Breaks & Beats

Over the course of seven years and over 70 releases, a fan began to create a mega-mix of his favorite loops, breaks, and vocal snippets, chopping them all up and piecing together an incredible musical narrative–a 40 minute, saw blade-labeled 12” boot that was pressed and seeded to handful of DJs and producers. Naturally, word got back to Numero, but instead of issuing the obvious cease and desist letter, the label decided to go one better.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so in a true nod to all fans out there, the Numero Group, via our Numbero imprint, is issuing Eccentric Breaks & Beats as an homage to the breaks and beats collections of yore, bootlegging our own bootleg, as it were.

It took some time and effort, but we were finally able to track down the creator of this essential collection, and delighted to discover that it was the apocryphal label and production team, Shoes, who have previously re-worked Moodyman, Al Green, Miles Davis, and dozens more. Featuring over 50 tracks from some of the best artists associated with Numero, it’s both an essential turntable item and an intriguing musical puzzle.

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    1 CD
    1 7-page booklet
    1 tray card

Track List

  1. Shoes [2] Give Me Another Day
  2. Shoes [2] Not Ready For School
  3. Shoes [2] John Goodman Is Too Cool To Cry
  4. Shoes [2] Find Me Diagonally
  5. Shoes [2] Peoplibrium
  6. Shoes [2] Feel What Lies Behind You
  7. Shoes [2] Saving Mr. Billy's Soul
  8. Shoes [2] We Don't Row Enough
  9. Shoes [2] Cosmic Clock
  10. Shoes [2] Which Jesus Am I
  11. Shoes [2] Shit...
  12. Shoes [2] So Much For Loving You, Baby
  13. Shoes [2] Everything