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Eccentric Soul

The Big Mack Label

Even though it rolled off of Detroit assembly lines, the Big Mack story is no Motown or Fortune or Revilot retread. Rather, it’s an examination of the Motor City sound’s oil-stained underside. Hitched to Big Mack are no gold records, no million-dollar buyouts, and no quaint museums to visit—instead, there’s a handful of 45s, a binder stuffed with photographs, and the condemned shell of a former women’s clothing store. In Detroit’s seemingly port-less ocean of soul, the Big Mack label was a busy island, afloat for an incredible 20 years without so much as the whiff of a hit on the wind. From soulful doo-wop to blistering garage funk, to left turns into sultry R&B and a quick dodge into budget Hendrix wailing above a steel drum break, Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label on LP compiles 10 ace double-siders produced by Ed McCoy during an extremely fruitful period for both Detroit and popular black music. For range, this fourth Numero foray into soul’s eccentricities is tough to top: look no further than the one-two punch of Bob & Fred’s string-laden “I’ll Be On My Way,” the twin-harmony pinnacle of Big Mack product, and Soul President’s “Got to Have It,” steeped in familiar James Brown moves, nods toward Haight Street hippies, and “psychedelic guitar.”

  • 2xLP

    2 150g LP
    1 2-pocket gatefold tip-on jacket

Track List

  1. L. Hollis & the Mackadoos Bui Bui
  2. Edd Henry Your Replacement Is Here
  3. Bob & Fred I'll Be On My Way
  4. The Soul President Got To Have It
  5. The Performers Mini Skirt
  6. Mae Young The Man Puts Sugar In My Soul
  7. Grand Prix's You Drive Me Crazy
  8. The Manhattens The Feeling Is Mutual
  9. Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones If You Feel It
  10. Essence Fever
  11. Edd Henry Crooked Woman
  12. The Soul President Get It Right
  13. Mae Young Let's Give Our Love A Try
  14. The Manhattens Why Should I Cry
  15. Grand Prix's I See Her Pretty Face
  16. L. Hollis & the Mackadoos Monkey Time Shine
  17. Sleepwalkers Mini Skirt (Instrumental)
  18. Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones If You Feel It (Instrumental)
  19. Essence Fever (Instrumental)
  20. Bob & Fred I'll Be On My Way (Instrumental)