Album cover

Eccentric Soul

Twinight's Lunar Rotation

Operated by a pair of cutthroat radio promotion men, Chicago’s Twinight label made its strides via “friendola”—the trading of favors, not dollars, for local radio airplay. Much of the outfit’s 56-single output—excepting the work of bona fide hitmaker Syl Johnson—was written and recorded by moonlighting on-air talent eager for a leg up in the Second City’s notoriously crooked record racket. Twinight’s Lunar Rotation spins 40 former tax write-off tracks on 2 CDs—or 54 cuts on 4 LPs—into works of true soul beauty revealed by the light of a new day. After ushering forth previously unknown cuts by Jo Ann Garrett, Renaldo Domino, and the Notations, the sixth entry in Numero’s flagship Eccentric Soul series reads like the who’s who of an unsung Chicago scene, featuring Chuck & Mac, the Dynamic Tints, Annette Poindexter, Nate Evans, the Radiants, the Mystiques, the Kaldirons, Perfections, Mist, Harrison & The Majestic Kind, Schiller Street Gang, George McGregor & the Bronzettes, Josephine Taylor, Krystal Generation, Mist, Velma Perkins, Jimmy Jones, Sidney Pinchback, Stormy, Johnny Williams, Elvin Spencer, Buster Benton, and Pieces Of Peace.

Track List

  1. Renaldo Domino Two Years Four Days
  2. Jimmy Jones Yesterday's Mistakes
  3. Stormy I Won't Stop To Cry
  4. Pieces Of Peace Pass It On (Part 2)
  5. The McGregor Brothers Everytime I Wake Up
  6. Renaldo Domino I'll Get You Back
  7. The Radiants Don't Wanna Face Truth
  8. Buster Benton Catch Up With The World
  9. The Dynamic Tints Falling In Love
  10. Renaldo Domino I'm A Good Man
  11. The Notations I'm Still Here
  12. Johnny Williams Maggie
  13. Buster Benton That's The Reason
  14. Chuck & Mac The Bear
  15. Renaldo Domino You Need To Be Loved On
  16. Stormy The Devastator
  17. Annette Poindexter Mama
  18. The Dynamic Tints Package Of Love (Part 1)
  19. Nate Evans Main Squeeze
  20. The Krystal Generation Satisfied
  21. Velma Perkins Yes, My Goodness Yes
  22. Renaldo Domino Not Too Cool To Cry
  23. George McGregor & The Bronzettes Temptation Is So Hard To Fight
  24. Mystiques So Good To Have You Home Again
  25. Sidney Pinchback Soul Strokes
  26. Pieces Of Peace Pass It On (Part 1)
  27. The Dynamic Tints Be My Lady
  28. Renaldo Domino Let Me Come Within
  29. The Perfections Which One Am I
  30. Harrison And The Majestic Kind Can You Find Me Love
  31. Josephine Taylor Is It Worth A Chance
  32. The Notations Lonely People
  33. The Kaldirons To Love Someone (That Don't Love You)
  34. The Radiants My Sunshine Girl
  35. Chuck & Mac Powerful Love
  36. The Notations A New Day
  37. The Dynamic Tints Rosemarie
  38. The Kaldirons You And Me Baby
  39. Elvin Spencer Lift This Hurt
  40. The Perfections Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad
  41. Mystiques Put Out The Fire
  42. Johnny Williams Breaking Point
  43. M.I.S.T. Life Walked Out
  44. Renaldo Domino Nevermore
  45. Nate Evans Pardon My Innocent Heart
  46. Schiller Street Gang Remind Me
  47. The Krystal Generation It Is Meant To Be
  48. Annette Poindexter Wayward Dream
  49. Velma Perkins I'll Always Love You
  50. Harrison And The Majestic Kind Tearing Me Up Inside
  51. Josephine Taylor I've Made Up My Mind
  52. Jo Ann Garrett Goin' Man Huntin'
  53. The Notations I Can't Stop