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Edge Of Daybreak

Eyes Of Love

Incarcerated funk has no right to feel this free. Musical convicts and actual convicts from across the Commonwealth, The Edge Of Daybreak’s membership wrote and recorded Eyes Of Love while serving out sentences of six to sixty years. Set to tape inside Powhatan Correctional Center on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, the eight original compositions that comprise 1979’s Eyes Of Love were patched together behind bars and recorded by engineers in lockup—an unshackled portrait of soul music in its most raw and honest form. While serving out sentences of six to sixty years, Edge Of Daybreak membership put their checkered pasts in the slammer for a moment, in pursuit of a joyous musical redemption set free. Assembled from distant love ballads and fanciful odes to freedom, Eyes Of Love is a prison letter composed by committee, recorded hastily, and circulated regionally amongst adventurous clientele willing to take a chance on these felonious talents.

  • LP

    1 140g LP
    1 single LP tip-on jacket with die-cut cover
    1 printed Euro sleeve
    1 8-page 11" x 11" booklet
    1 download coupon

Track List

  1. The Edge Of Daybreak Eyes Of Love
  2. The Edge Of Daybreak I Wanna Dance With You
  3. The Edge Of Daybreak Let Us
  4. The Edge Of Daybreak Lets Be Friends
  5. The Edge Of Daybreak The Edge Of Daybreak
  6. The Edge Of Daybreak Your Destiny
  7. The Edge Of Daybreak Bring Me You
  8. The Edge Of Daybreak Our Love