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Elyse Weinberg

Greasepaint Smile

The unreleased second album by an original lady from the canyon. Recorded and recanted in 1969, Greasepaint Smile is more assured than its self-titled, Tetragrammaton-issued predecessor. Weinberg’s finger-picked acoustic is layered over distant drumming, while her gravel-pit voice evokes life, love, and mortality. Fellow Torontonian Neil Young sears “Houses” with his signature fuzz-tone, casting chaos over the beautiful ballad, while J.D. Souther, Kenny Edwards, and Nils Lofgren, pick up the slack. Masterfully produced by David Briggs, Greasepaint Smile has climbed out of the canyon and is bound for every turntable east of the 405.

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Track List

  1. Elyse Weinberg What You Call It
  2. Elyse Weinberg City of the Angels
  3. Elyse Weinberg Houses
  4. Elyse Weinberg It’s Alright To Linger
  5. Elyse Weinberg Collection Bureau
  6. Elyse Weinberg Gospel Ship
  7. Elyse Weinberg Nicodemus
  8. Elyse Weinberg My My My
  9. Elyse Weinberg Your Place or Mine
  10. Elyse Weinberg Grease Paint Smile