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Escape From Synth City

The Game

What began as a synth driven compilation with video game concept packaging, was transformed into a fully realized multimedia experience. Out now, for the first time ever, we’ve taken our compilation experiment to the next level with the premiere Numero Group video game: Escape From Synth City.

The side scrolling platformer takes you on a quest across an ‘80s inspired vision of the future. The game takes cues from the first generation of NES classics and the archetypal narratives of Tron and The Never Ending Story. As the protagonist, you’ve been transported to another dimension, courageously making your way towards the center of Synth City in the hopes of returning home. Across 6 levels you uncover the sinister undertakings of a corporation over-exploiting the city’s natural resources. You become intertwined with the destiny of the city and its inhabitants, unwittingly leading the charge against the powers that be.

Escape From Synth City is a singular manifestation of the curatorial experiment we call the Cabinet of Curiosities Cabinet of Curiosities , a series of records culled by experiments in digital discovery, transformed into living, breathing art. The game borrows characters and imagery from records across the Numero universe. Easter eggs are sown into the fabric of the game’s narrative, with appearances from familiar faces like Laraaji, Isabelle Antena, Terry Ork, and many more.

The game is free to play online, but collectors can purchase an NES inspired controller, coupled with a souvenir 7" showcasing chiptune renditions of music from the Escape from Synth City LP. Only 150 copies of this collectible bundle will be available for purchase on the Numero website, and at the Numero Group Factory Outlet.

To play the game, .

  • 7in + USB Controller

    1 standard weight 33 RPM 7”
    13 tracks totaling 15 minutes (Continuous Mix)
    1 Hand Printed Numero Polysleeve
    1 Custom USB Game Controller

Track List

  1. [B]Ansonix[/B] Intellectual Thinking
  2. [B]Ansonix[/B] Windfall
  3. [B]Ansonix[/B] Sunrise
  4. [B]Ansonix[/B] Sunrise (Boss Theme)
  5. [B]Ansonix[/B] Zoot
  6. [B]Ansonix[/B] Glimmerings
  7. [B]Ansonix[/B] Hare Jaya Jaya Rama II
  8. [B]Ansonix[/B] Konya
  9. [B]Ansonix[/B] Konya (Boss Theme)
  10. [B]Ansonix[/B] Breath of Sound
  11. [B]Ansonix[/B] Midnight Mambo
  12. [B]Ansonix[/B] Midnight Mambo (Boss Theme)
  13. [B]Ansonix[/B] Song of Tithemi