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Express Rising

Fixed Rope

One-take ambient instrumental travels, composed in strict committee by the trio of Kevin Blagg, William Suran, and Dante Carfagna. Recorded spontaneously in rural Arkansas, bulging sub-woofers lope through fissures of skeletal banjo and pitched down pedal steel, while delicately arranged basins of synth and guitar reverberate, providing a steady stream of granular epiphanies. Utterly faded, yet still possessing crystalline clarity, these twelve songs continually attain summits rarely reached within the span of four-minute transmissions.

Track List

  1. Express Rising Fixed Rope
  2. Express Rising Names And Numbers
  3. Express Rising Travelers Who'd Seen It
  4. Express Rising The Courtesy House
  5. Express Rising Spirit Darts
  6. Express Rising Perishable Looks
  7. Express Rising Corners Of Your Eyes
  8. Express Rising Dark Mistake
  9. Express Rising Sycamore
  10. Express Rising Long Distance Photo
  11. Express Rising Aylmeri Bracelet
  12. Express Rising Leaving