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Home Schooled

The ABCs Of Kid Soul

The formula was simple: Merge bubblegum and soul with the crackling sincerity of an enthusiastic child, cross your fingers, and pray for airplay. Throw in a publicist, stylists, dance instructors, and a hot-shot songwriting team and the next thing you know you’ve got a Neverlander dangling a small child out a window in Bahrain. That's provided you're a one-in-several-billion Gary, Indiana, Jackson. For our Home Schooled performers and their overly ambitious adult promoters, the path to kid soul stardom wasn’t anywhere near as “simple as do-re-mi.” Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul unfolds like a map of American dreams derailed early. More energetic than funky, more passionate than soulful, whether fastidiously trained or shockingly green, these kid performers laid down nothing less than absolute honesty.

  • LP

    2 150g LPs
    1 2-pocket gatefold tip-on jacket

Track List

  1. Patrizia & Jimmy Trust Your Child Pt 1
  2. Promise I'm Not Ready For Love
  3. Eight Minutes Here's Some Dances
  4. Jack & The Mods One Is Enough For One
  5. Little Murray & the Mantics Don't Leave Me Mama
  6. The 3 Simmons You Are My Dream (School Time)
  7. 3 Stars Jersey Slide Pt. 1
  8. Cindy & The Playmates Now That School Is Through
  9. Man Child Singers Right On
  10. Altyrone Deno Brown Sweet Pea
  11. The Atons Yellow Ribbon
  12. The Triads If You're Looking For Love
  13. Quantrells Can't Let You Break My Heart
  14. Jr. & His Soulettes 2009 Cherry Soul Sound
  15. Michael Washington Little Girl
  16. Otis The 3rd Time
  17. Step By Step Time After Time
  18. Patrizia & Jimmy Trust Your Child Pt. 2