Album cover

Jackie Stoudemire

Invisible Wind

Originally issued on Jeremiah Yisrael's Tap label in 1982, "Invisible Wind" finds 16-year-old Jackie Stoudemire in top form. Written by fellow label alum Arnie Love and produced by the legendary Gene Redd, the five-minute jam is a banging slice of epic club boogie that unfortunately never found an audience beneath the mirror ball. The second in our series of 12"s from the Tap/Universal archive, "Invisible Wind" cruises through with hand-drumming, cinematic bursts of trumpet, and an alternately soaring and urgent disco-string-section. Even Giorgio Moroder couldn't write a bass line so hot. Not quite a reissue, but rather a re-imagining, this extended play 12" contains the original, the original dub, the extended dub, and an edit by our friends Shoes.

  • 12in

    1 140g LP
    1 printed Numero Disco sleeve

Track List

  1. Jackie Stoudemire Invisible Wind
  2. Jackie Stoudemire Invisible Wind (Extended Dub)
  3. Shoes [2] Invisible Wind (Re-edit)
  4. Jackie Stoudemire Invisible Wind (Original dub)